The Story About Us

Helen Payawal and Krinel Escalona are life partners who have freelance jobs. Helen is known to be a plus-size influencer" and is always on the hunt for trendy plus size clothes. While there are available pieces around the Philippines, they are usually pricey, or not trendy at all. In 2018, they decided to create an online clothing shop targeted to plus size women. A brand this is not afraid to create daring clothes for a more confident plus size woman.

We Are Not Just A Clothing Brand, We Are A Movement

We believe that our clothes are not just pieces of garments, but we are making statements in the pieces we release.

From cropped tops to low neckline pieces, high slits to mini-skirts, short shorts to bikinis, we are breaking the standard 'cover up that bulge' stigma to plus size women.

Collection list

high quality clothes

High quality clothes and products that we love.

A breath
of fresh air!

The most awesome buying experience.

A positive environmental impact

A transparent social environmental impact.